Track Your Order!

 T R A C K    Y O U R    O R D E R 


Easy, fast, with 17Track !


 - What is a "Tracking Number"? Why do I need it? How can I use it? -

Every order you place on Blue Stone™ has a unique tracking code number.  The tracking code is basically an alphanumeric series, that you can find on the mail we send to you right after shipping (generally a few days after the purchase). This allows you to see where the order is, and it also let you see all its travel history, from the shipment to the delivery to you! 

There we show a sample of how the code is formed:


Once you've copied the code, you can easily go to www.17track.net , paste it in the field and instantly see a lot more informations about your order position! Isn't that amazing?!

*Please not that if you have ordered multiple items, you may receive multiple Tracking Numbers*




If you have problems checking the status of items, or even if you want to know more about that, please email us at support@bluestoneclub.com , with your personal data and #order number in the  "mail object".    (for ex., "TRACK SUPPORT - A. Lawrence, order #1095" ).